Licenced, Professional Dog Walking in West and North Vancouver

Licenced, Professional Dog Walking in West and North Vancouver
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At Four Legs Good we're looking for a few Good Dogs!

Your dog is unique, and your dog walker should reflect that uniqueness.

Many walkers will accept any dog into their groups, preferring to have lots of dogs instead of the right dogs.

At Four Legs Good we won't do that.

We begin with an extensive interview where we get to know both you and your dogs. One client told us that this was like registering their dog for a Private School.

After that we we take your dog along on two complimentary hikes. This is where we decide if he or she is a good fit with our other client dogs.

More importantly this is where we decide which days, and which groups, will be best in terms of activity, temperament, and the development of long-term doggie friendships.

Once your dog is walking with us we'll insist on a regular schedule with the same two or three (or more) days each week. That way your dog can feel safe and comfortable with a regular routine, and with the same group of dogs each time they go out.

Our dogs really are hand picked, and that's why our walking groups are so happy and successful.

Our service goes beyond just walking though.

Once you're established as one of our walking clients we can provide in-home boarding for your pets. Many of our client dogs love coming to their "home away from home." If your dog has ever come back from a kennel stressed and anxious, you'll know why it's healthier for them to stay with people and dogs that are already part of their routine.

And, when needed we do vet drop-offs, feedings, nail trims, medicine, physio even the occasional bath. Our clients rely on us to help them with advice, assistance, and support during times when life throws them a curve.

Right now we have vacancies in both our morning groups (young, lively dogs and puppies) and afternoon groups (older dogs who aren't quite up to climbing mountains every day, and who are just as happy not to deal with six month olds

If you're somewhere between Lynn Valley and Caulfeild, and are thinking that your dog could use some quality time on the Trails, please check out our web site, or just call us to chat.

And be sure to check out our Tips For Hiring a Dog Walker.


Visit our web-site for more details, and call or e-mail for a complimentary introductory walk. And yes, we're licensed and bonded.

Four Legs Good! Canine Services

Serving North and West Vancouver, British Columbia

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